Computer Desk 101: Introduction

Computer Desk 101: Introduction

What is computer desk?

Computer desk  is a special kind of furniture designed to work at the computer. It is designed in such a way that technically placed on it technics, and a person works at the table with maximum comfort. Most models have the following parts:

  1. A sliding shelf for the keyboard
  2. A section for the system unit
  3. A stand for the monitor
  4. Shelves on the table top

Why do we need a computer desk?

The computer is important. And sometimes even irreplaceable. A person spends most of his working time, and sometimes a whole working day at the computer. A computer has many components, such as monitor, keyboard, etc. That’s why you need to decide in advance what kind of table you need.

By adapting a regular table for a computer, you can quickly make sure that this decision was wrong. An ordinary table will occupy maximum space and provide a minimum of functionality and convenience. That’s why putting a computer on the regular table is not enough. As a consequence, there is a need to purchase a computer table.

A computer table is needed both in the office and at home. It will help to quickly solve all the problems associated with the organization of the workplace.


Elements in computer desk

Monitor Stand allows you to free space on the working surface of the table and push the screen to a convenient distance (at least – an outstretched hand). Thanks to this element, the center of the monitor will be at the eye level of the user or just below – as doctors recommend.

Keyboard Drawer. The keyboard drawer unloads the workspace on the countertop. This is especially important for those who work with papers in front of the computer. A good keyboard drawer should have height adjustable features to suit preferred work position. Also moves keyboard and mouse off the desktop to save workspace. 

The section for the system unit is usually located at the bottom of the computer table. Often it is in the depth of the construction (5-8 cm from the front edge of the counter-top), so that you do not touch it with your feet. The task of this section is to fix the position of the system unit, to provide easy access and sufficient ventilation to it.

The crossbar or footrest is an extremely necessary element of the table design. With a long work at the computer, it is useful from time to time to stretch your legs and put them on a raised platform.

The cable-channel is a casing in which it is convenient to hide the wires connecting the system unit and peripheral devices. So they will not interfere under their feet and also protects the inside part from dust. A special hole is often provided for the wire bundle in the countertop.


The Forms

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