10 Best 60 inch Computer Desk 2023 Reviews

Hello friends, welcome to our new topic “Best 60 inch Computer Desk 2023”, where we will be exploring and analyzing the top 60 inch computer desks available in the market. A computer desk is an essential piece of furniture for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time working on a computer or studying. A 60 inch computer desk provides ample space to accommodate multiple monitors, peripherals, and other necessary items. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect computer desk that meets all your requirements. 

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best 60 inch computer desks available in the market, based on their features, functionality, durability, . Whether you’re looking for a gaming desk, a home office desk, or a study desk, this article will help you make an informed decision that suits your needs and budget. So, let’s dive into the world of 60 inch computer desks and find the one that fits your requirements.

Top 10 60-inch Computer Desk Comparison Table

By presenting a side-by-side comparison of the desks, the article helps readers identify the best options for their specific needs and budget.





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SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk 60 INCH, T- Shaped Carbon Fiber Surface Computer Desk


DESIGNA 60 Inch L Shaped Gaming Desk, Corner Computer Desk


Need Home Office Desk - 60 Inches Large Computer Desk


EUREKA ERGONOMIC 60 Inch Gaming Desk with Full Mouse Pad


HSH Large Rustic Grey Computer Desk


MOTPK Gaming Desk 60 inch Z Shaped Home Office


JOISCOPE Home Office Computer Desk,Study Writing Desk 


Vari Electric Standing Desk 60" x 30" (VariDesk) - Electric Height Adjustable Desk 


BON AUGURE Industrial Computer Desk, Rustic Wood Desk


FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk 

10 Best 60 inch Computer Desk Reviews & Buyers Guide

EVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk 60 INCH, T- Shaped Carbon Fiber Surface Computer Desk

The gaming desks are equipped with a fully covered desk mat, which is very convenient. The desktop surface has a carbon fiber texture and is covered with the desk mat, making it waterproof and easy to clean with a cloth.

The Seven Warrior gaming desks have a sturdy T-shaped leg design, which makes them ultra-stable and able to withstand the demands of serious gamers. The solid steel frame can support up to 330 pounds of load-bearing capacity, and adjustable leg pads ensure that the table stays steady even on uneven ground.

This desk has user-friendly features such as a large table surface measuring 27.6″D x 60.0″W x 29.5″H, which ensures comfort and concentration while gaming or working. The cup holder and headphone hook are conveniently located within reach, and there are also two cable grommets.

In addition, the package includes a Smart USB gaming handle rack with 4 charging ports for your phone, iPad, or headphones.

This gaming desk is not only suitable for gaming, but also for use as an office work desk or writing table due to its ergonomic and concise design. It is easy to assemble and comes with the necessary tools and instructions, including a screwdriver and an allen key. It can be set up in 20-30 minutes and is suitable for use in various locations such as homes, offices, dorm rooms, and bedrooms.

This L-shaped corner computer desk offers ample space for writing, computer work, and other home office activities. It has a wide desktop that is space-saving and can fit snugly in a corner to maximize your limited space. The desk panel dimensions are 61 4/5″ (L) x 43 3/10″ (right size) & 23 3/5” (left size) (W), with a height of 29.5″. It also provides large legroom underneath, giving you plenty of space to stretch your legs or store a file cabinet.

The desk is made of CARB Phase 2 & TSCA Title VI compliant particleboard, which is waterproof and anti-scratching. It has no harmful substances, making it healthy for your family and pets. The desk comes with a large mouse pad (31 * 23 inches) that is scratch-resistant and waterproof, protecting the office desk surface from daily wear and tear.

This desk is designed to be super sturdy and stable, with a 60″ ergonomic gaming desk that has a 1.6” thickness strong metal frame, ensuring stability and durability. The desk frame is made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel and has a strong load-bearing capacity, bearing 500 LBS for a long time. Adjustable leg pads keep the desk stable and balanced on even and uneven floors and carpets.

Assembling this sturdy L-shaped desk is fast and simple. The package includes clear and detailed instructions, numbered parts, and all necessary tools, including an Allen wrench for easy assembly.

The package includes a 60-inch corner desk, a unique mouse pad (31 * 23 inches), two cable management holes for managing cords from consoles, four adjustable leveling foot pads, and an assembly instruction.

The 60″L x 23 5/8″W x 29 1/4″H multi-functional desk is suitable for indoor activities such as home office, gaming, DJ controlling, meetings, and training, providing ample space for a person’s independent workspace. It can also be used for outdoor buffet gatherings by placing a tablecloth on the top. The desk is made of high-quality materials, including thick steel tubing with a powder-coated finish and a 3/4-inch thick scratch-resistant surface. The wide desktop offers enough space for a computer, printer, monitor, sewing, and writing. 

The desk has adjustable leg pads, allowing it to remain stable on uneven floors. The desk comes fully assembled, and it has a thickness of only 3-1/4 inches for convenient storage. The desk also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that includes a 30-day return policy and a 2-year manufacturer warranty. If you encounter any problems with your purchase, such as missing or damaged parts, the customer service team will respond within 24 hours to solve the problem in the way that you prefer.

The Captain GIP-P60 gaming desk is an excellent choice for gamers who want a spacious and stylish desk. The desk features a sleek 60″ desktop that can accommodate multiple gaming monitors, consoles, keyboards, and other gaming gear. The desk also has a sturdy and stable support structure with an I shape design and F1 supporter to ensure maximum stability. Additionally, the desk comes with a fully tailored mouse pad that has durable stitched edges and a premium rubber zero-slip base

The Captain GIP-P60 gaming desk also offers several free accessory options, including four charging USB ports, a cup holder, double headphone racks, and a socket holder. Eureka Gaming’s customer support team is based in the U.S.A and is available to assist with any questions or concerns.

To summarize, this gray computer desk features an industrial-inspired design that exudes a minimalist and rustic aesthetic. Its heavy-duty metal legs and thick tabletop provide sturdiness, and it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. 

The wide tabletop and spacious legroom offer ample space for work and a computer. Assembling the desk is easy with the provided hardware and clear instructions. The product is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, including 24-hour customer service, 30-day free returns, and a 1-year quality warranty.

The MOTPK gaming desk is specially designed for esports enthusiasts, promising an exceptional gaming experience. Its sleek design and high-quality equipment offer the freedom to fully immerse oneself in the game and relish in the purest form of enjoyment. The desk is spacious, measuring 60 inches in length and 23.7 inches in width, providing ample room for three monitors, keyboards, and other gaming equipment. The carbon fiber surface not only looks stylish but also effectively protects against scratches and water damage. The desk is durable and stable, with a weight capacity of up to 330 lbs, thanks to the thick desktop and T-shaped steel frame. The leveling feet ensure that the desk remains stable, whether placed on a carpet or hardwood surface. 

The desk is multifunctional, featuring a cup holder, headphone hook, cable holes, and a socket holder, which help keep all the gaming gear organized and within reach. The manufacturer guarantees 100% satisfaction and is responsible for any missing parts or quality issues. The customer service team is available 24/7 to respond to any concerns or questions. So, if you’re an esports enthusiast, don’t hesitate to bring this desk home for an exceptional gaming experience.

The JOISCOPE computer desk is built to last with its premium steel and chipboard construction, making it solid, stable, sturdy, and durable. It is easy to assemble, and a single person can handle the installation. Additionally, a detailed installation video is provided, and customers can refer to the manual and video to complete the installation process. The table is designed to be multifunctional, with a two-layer shelf providing ample storage space while also saving room. 

The industrial-style design ensures both style and practicality, and two color options are available to suit different room decor. JOISCOPE is confident in the quality of the product and offers a lifetime after-sales service. If customers have any questions or concerns, they can contact the professional customer service team for a satisfactory answer.

Our Vari Electric Standing adjustable height desks, voted the Best Overall Standing Desk by CNET and Tom’s Guide 2022, are made with a sturdy design that offers enhanced stability and durability. The desk has a one-piece tabletop with a durable laminate finish and heavy-duty steel T-Style legs, measuring 60″ x 30″. It provides a spacious and solid work area at any height.

The electric height adjustable desk features a programmable LED control panel that allows you to set up to 4 height settings and switch between them with one touch. The desk is powered by whisper-quiet and long-lasting dual motors and 3-stage legs, providing a smooth and fluid lift and a wide range of height adjustability from 25″ to 50.5″ high.

Our Vari motorized standing desks make it easy to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day, improving productivity, boosting metabolism, and reducing back pain. They are also easy to assemble, with legs that attach quickly and easily without special tools, allowing you to set up your new workstation in under 10 minutes.

As a trusted brand, Vari’s office furniture products are designed and certified to the highest industry standards and built-to-last for years. The award-winning electric standing desks come with a solid 5-year warranty that covers the full product, not just parts and pieces, and 30-Day Free Returns, ensuring a quality and risk-free purchase.

This BON AUGURE spacious 60-inch computer desk features a large wood desktop that offers plenty of room for all your work essentials, including monitors, laptops, books, and writing accessories. It also includes a wire management grommet to help keep cords and cables organized and out of sight.

Designed for maximum stability, the desk boasts heavy-duty metal X-shaped legs, a support mesh frame on the back, and an extra support tube under the thick tabletop, ensuring it doesn’t wobble or sway. Additionally, the desk comes with 4 adjustable feet to strengthen stability and maintain balance. With a weight capacity of up to 330 lbs, the desk can easily hold all of your office supplies.

Crafted from high-grade MDF with a rustic wood grain and metal, this desk has an industrial appearance that is perfect for modern farmhouses and uptown lofts alike. Measuring 60″W x 23.62″D x 30.12″H, with a desktop thickness of 1.18″, this desk is durable and built to last.

Assembly is quick and easy, taking only 20 minutes with the necessary hardware and instructions provided. Each edge and corner of the desk has been carefully polished to provide a better user experience

This rectangular computer desk is made by the brand FEZIBO and features a modern design with dimensions of 24″D x 60″W x 46″H. The desk is a rustic brown color with a steel finish and is made from alloy steel and wood.

The desk is ergonomically designed and has a special feature of being a height-adjustable electric standing desk. It is also easy to install and is sturdy, making it a great sit and standing desk option. The desk has two utility drawers and a single shelf, with desk hooks (set of 2) and lockable casters included.

This desk is recommended for use in various rooms such as the office, gaming room, and living room. It is suitable for working, writing, home office, and gaming. The desk is freestanding and has T-shaped legs made of alloy steel.

The product care instructions are to wipe the desk with a dry cloth. The desk is intended for adults and has a rustic furniture finish. It is a 60-inch desk with performance parts and requires assembly. The overall weight of the desk is 87.8 pounds, and it is manufactured by FEZIBO.

FAQ's about 60-inch Computer Desk

Is a 60 inch computer desk big enough?

Yes, a 60-inch computer desk can be considered big enough for most people, depending on individual needs and workspace requirements. A 60-inch computer desk provides ample space for a laptop or desktop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals.

It offers enough surface area for paperwork, writing, or studying, and it can fit most single-monitor or even dual-monitor setups comfortably. However, it might not be sufficient for people that require larger workstations, multiple monitors, or additional space for other tasks and devices.

When considering the size for a computer desk, it’s essential to assess personal needs, work requirements, available space, and other factors such as additional storage, cable management, and overall ergonomic features to ensure that it supports productivity and a comfortable workspace.

Does desk size matter in computer desk?

Yes, desk size matters for computer desks, as it affects both the practicality and ergonomics of the workspace. The desk size determines how much surface area is available for the computer equipment and other related accessories that need to be placed on it. A smaller computer desk may not provide sufficient space for monitors, keyboards, mice, and other peripherals, limiting multi-tasking or affecting productivity.

The desk size also affects the overall comfort while working, depending on whether the user has sufficient space to work comfortably. An overly small desk may cause clutter, disorganization, and discomfort, such as cramped or awkward hand and body positions. A larger desk may provide more freedom to switch positions or have more room to work comfortably, reducing potential strain or discomfort.

It’s crucial to consider both the available space and intended use when selecting the right size for a computer desk, ensuring it meets the personal requirements and work needs.


The 60 inch computer desk offers a spacious and versatile workspace for those who require a sturdy and functional desk. With its large wood desktop and wire management grommet, it can easily accommodate multiple monitors, laptops, books, and other writing accessories. The heavy-duty metal legs and support frame, along with the adjustable height feature, provide extra stability and ergonomics for prolonged use. Its modern style and rustic brown finish make it a fashionable addition to any home office or gaming room. Additionally, the desk’s easy assembly and care instructions, along with its lockable casters and utility drawers, make it a practical and convenient choice for a wide range of uses. Overall, the Eureka Ergonomic 60 inch computer desk appears to be a reliable and functional option for those in need of a spacious and durable workspace.

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