9 Things You Should Do Around Your Computer Desk


You must have felt very unproductive when you arrived at your computer desk. No matter what the cause, your spirit becomes lost when you reach the work table. If it happens, your productivity will decrease and you will feel annoyed for not being able to do the task optimally.

When the work is busy, the surroundings around the desk are overflowing with the materials, which will rather reduce the work efficiency. So after doing some research that I found from books, I finally removed the problem. Here is some tips that I have learn.


1. Place items based on frequency of use

Yes it is common sense that things you used more often should be placed closer than the other things, but sometimes we ignore it and arrange it for aesthetics purpose. However, when it comes to organizing a computer desk, the closeness of useful items is so important. It will definitely make your job so much easier.

2. Get rid of wires

Yes, cables can make the room looks messy so it needs to be out of sight. To clean up the mess on the computer desk, the best solution is to use a handcrafted cable tray placed under the desk, to limit the passage of wires on the floor.
This option is available in computer furniture sold by Ikea, but can be built if you have a suitable desk that can be drilled underneath with nails.
Also, you can use a cable box to organize the messy tangled cables.

cable box product of bluelounge
Example of using cablebox on computer desk

3. You don’t need a pen stands/pencil holder

If you don’t use many pens then you don’t really need a pen stand in your computer desk. Trust me. Pen stand or pencil holder is so easy to get cluttered. It’s easy to get filled up with other things. If you know you don’t use them, please do not hesitate to throw it away.

4. Get a place for pocket stuff on computer desk

Keys, wallets, mobile phones, earphones etc. should be put on a place. This is to avoid the trouble of searching for them. The best place to keep stuff like these are in a drawer that already has charging wires in it.

5. Have a movable chair

Besides you have a comfortable chair, you should also consider it movable or adjustable. This is intended to be able to pick up the material quickly. So it would support your work efficiency.

Choosing a chair in the workplace is crucial.

6. Digitize the document

Using a scanner and OCR, it is very useful to convert it into a searchable electronic document on a computer. I have a scanner and I’ll turn important documents into PDFs and keep them on my computer. I use OCR so the documents are searchable. This is really useful if you travel a lot because it holds every thing with you.

7. Prepare the cleaning tool

If you are cleaning with tissue paper or towels, please keep them ready for use anytime. If you are in an easy-to-use condition, it will not be a pain to clean frequently.

8. Prepare several kinds of cables

When placing equipment on a computer desk, if you have a cable of the required length, you can realize free placement. Also, if you can make wireless connection such as Bluetooth or WiFi, please actively use it.

9. Prepare a cabinet (if doesn’t have one on computer desk)

If you have a computer desk without a drawer, please prepare a mobile cabinet. It can save a lot of things effectively.


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