7+ Best Sturdy Computer Desks Reviewed & Rated for 2019


If you are seeking a perfect sturdy computer desk that meets your needs, you may probably want to check our list of the best ergonomic computer desks with many features packed with them. Each of them comes with different features and is offered at a different cost.

1. Sauder Orchard Computer Desk

The manufacturer actually did not use solid wood to make this first rated sturdy computer desk. Because of the absence of solid wood, this desk costs relatively low and pretty effortless to assemble. It comes with a sliding drawer which you can usually find in the other ordinary computer desks. This sliding drawer will make it easier for you to use and to store the keyboard. In addition, there are also two drawers that are quite ample to be used as additional storage. The surface of the desk is quite ample to place your monitor and any other items.

This computer desk seems to gain so many positive feedbacks from customers, due to its durability – although it is not made of solid wood. They also think that the elegant and simple design of the desk gives more aesthetic value, despite its relatively low price range.

2. Bush Furniture Cabot

It can be said as one of few desks that will look great both in your office and home. It comes with an L shape design which allows you to have more room for storage and also give ampler space for computer tasks. Besides, this desk is the right choice for you who need a computer desk which also functions as an administration and organization table. It has an elegant glass door cabinet, a storage drawer which can be used to hold several office files and also a smaller drawer for the other office items.

Since it comes with an L shape design, its surface provides plenty of room for your monitor and books or other stationery. What is great about this ergonomic computer desk is the fact that it also has a USB port which is built in the table. It is pretty convenient to have a computer table that can provide useful charging power and even a shelf to store them.

This computer desk is considered very sturdy yet attractive, even though it lacks of solid wood. It offers so many things for you: size, looks, and functionality. If the room is quite spacious, this desk will become the perfect choice for you.

3. Safco Stand-Up Desk

A computer desk is commonly designed to allow you to operate a computer while sitting comfortably. But if you prefer to operate a computer in a standing position rather than sitting, then this Safco Products Adjustable Height Stand-Up Desk may be the right choice. It is quite an ergonomic computer desk which is adjustable in height. You can set this table to extend from around thirty-five inches to almost fifty inches high. There will be a keyboard tray and two multifunction shelves that provide you with ample spaces for storing papers and other office supplies.

This sturdy standing desk comes with caster wheels that will make it easier for you to move it into a new spot. Once you decide the spot to place the desk, you can lock the two out of four wheels to keep the desk in place.

4. Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk

Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk seems to be one of the best wall computer desks which are perfect to be placed in such a tiny room. The computer desk which is mounted to a wall will allow you to save some space, especially to give an impression of a wider floor. You do not need to worry about its ability in providing room for storage because it has two storage compartments and also four shelves where you can keep your files and office supplies.

This desk is made of laminated composite wood which gives you a clean and simple impression. You can choose one of the three finishes that the manufacturer provides: white, black, and espresso. The look of this sturdy wall-mounted computer desk becomes the users favorite. For installation, this desk uses hanging rail which allows you to place it on any wall height.

5. The Stanton

This ergonomic computer desk is a type of desk which is suitable for you who are seeking for a less pricey desk but want to get a good performance. It offers the standard and basic model which has all the essential features that you will need. Featuring the metal support and also smooth, sophisticated looking black laminated finish.

The size is neither too big nor tiny, it’s just within average, which is 19 inches deep and 27 inches wide. This ideal size will certainly enough to give a space for your laptop or PC. There is also a multifunction shelf that you can find near the bottom part. But, this computer desk does not provide any additional storage for cables and cords.

6. South Shores Axess Desk

This computer desk is included in the list of the most affordable-but-good desks which offers a traditional appearance and convenient storage. It is made of particle board which was laminated in advance. You will find a cabinet containing adjustable shelf along its side. On top of it, you will be happy discovering a smaller shelf with additional storage to keep your books.

In addition, there is something that you will not expect from such a ‘cheap’ feel computer desk – which you will actually find on this desk. Yes, you will be surprised by the presence of hidden cord storage which will allow you to make the tidy cable organization.

7. Pinellas Rectangular Computer Desk    

This computer desk will certainly meet the needs of those who want to have additional storage since it comes with a hutch. This wood desk looks beautiful with a salt oak finish and currently becomes the trend. The users gave testimonies that they love the durable and smooth finish. It has a CPU tower cabinet and even some drawers. The hutch we were talking about even provides more compartments for open storage. Of course, there is also a cord organizer planted to keep the cables and cords tidy.

8. Neetto by Avantree Adjustable Laptop Bed Table

This standing desk feels remarkably contemporary, it has many features and works well to be used as a standing desk or even a breakfast table. Things all looked fine for this latest Neetto by Avantree establishment with it’s good looking design, you can put a 17″ laptop on the desk and as you can expect, It fit the desk dimensions pretty well and just good assembled so you can use it as you like right away. The table is also extremely lightweight, adjustable, and for sure sturdy. If the length of the legs is shorter then it would be on my 5 top picks for 2019. Overall, for under $50 computer desk, I strongly recommend you to buy this high-quality and durable desk.

9. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk

The first impression that I get with this L-shaped computer desk by SHW is that it’s very easy to assemble and only took about less than an hour to finish the assembly also the step-by-step manual instructions were so easy to follow. The desk comes with three different finishes that allow you to choose the gorgeous look you are looking for: one nice dark wood and two metal finish with tempered glass on top. If you need an upgrade from your old desk then this desk is highly recommended to anyone who also looking for a reasonable price. Your new desk is lightweight that everybody can lift it and extremely durable also sturdy. However, some people that bought the desk said that they can’t find all the screws to assemble this beautiful desk, but it’s a simple fix.

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