10 Creative DIY Computer Desk Ideas to Follow (Money-Saving Tactic)

7 Creative DIY Computer Desk Ideas to Follow (Money-Saving Tactic)

DIY Computer Desk – Sometimes when you are considering to purchase a computer desk, the first thing you notice is the shape of it. These days, computer desks come in many different shapes sizes, materials and prices. There are thousands of computer desks on the market today for you to choose that will fill your needs. But, which one is right for you? finding the best computer desk that will fill all your needs is not a simple task. Making a DIY computer desk is a solution that might want to try.

Create your own computer desk would be an enjoyable experience. To get you fired up about it, I decided to create a DIY computer desk ideas list. First of all, before you begin to make a DIY computer desk, here’s My Basic Set of Tools for the Woodworking:

1. DIY L-Shaped Computer Desk

DIY L-Shaped Computer Desk by pickndecor.com

The L-shaped computer desk is a perfect choice for offices with limited space. There are a number of reasons why I put The L-shaped computer desk at the top of my list:

  • Ideal for home offices.
  • It can hold not only your desktop or laptop but also all its accessories and other related equipment.
  • Easy to reach all your computing equipment.
  • Offer more space for books, papers, other devices.

You can pick material for it from standard wood to tempered glass. A wood computer desk is a common choice for a home office because of it looks like typical house furniture. While tempered glass gives you industrial office looks.

2. DIY Wood Computer Desk

DIY Wood Computer Desk by av4home.co.uk

A wood computer desk offers comfortable and functional when in use. Compare to any other materials, I found that a wood desk is more durable. You can also match the type or color of the wood with your furniture that you already have in your home.

This is a classic choice but you don’t have to worry about the design getting out-dated and surely it will last longer. I suggest you pick solid wood, not only because it looks beautiful but also because it has unique characteristics.

3. DIY Standing Computer Desk

DIY Standing Computer Desk by furniturefashion.com

Have you ever suffered from back pain from sitting? I’m sure that most people including you have suffered from it. A standing computer desk might be your best chance to ease the pressure on your back.

Standing computer desk offers several benefits.

  • It improves your productivity
  • Standing more can help you to reduce back pain, lower your risk of heart disease, and burn more calories
  • Gives you more energy and improve your posture

You can check the example of DIY standing computer desk in this video

4. DIY Minimalist Computer Desk

DIY Minimalist Computer Desk by duitang.com

A minimalist computer desk might be your top solution if you have a small room but needed a workspace that made you more productive. This type of desk usually fits your budget and you will get a modern look in your home office area because you’re likely to get rid of the unnecessary things and keep the essential on the desk. If you got the right tools for this DIY project, you can build a minimalist computer desk for under $200.

5. DIY Glass Computer Desk

DIY Glass Computer Desk by jchansdesigns.com

There is no doubt that a glass desk will add some modern and elegant statement to your home office. A glass desk usually constructed using tempered glass because of safety reasons. The tempered glass breaks into smaller pieces so it’s less potentially dangerous than normal glass and surely it would last longer. One last thing to add that a glass desk is easy to clean, you can simply use a microfiber cloth to get rid of dust.

6. DIY Gaming Computer Desk

DIY Gaming Computer Desk by jchansdesigns.com

If you spend too much time playing video games like me and you realize that you aren’t comfortable with your computer desk right now because a traditional computer desk could be a tiring experience and you will easily get strained then you probably need a special gaming desk.

A gaming computer desk can bring a whole new level gaming experience for the user. Another thing to add you should look for gaming chairs that can also be adjusted to a specific height.

7. DIY Corner Computer Desk

DIY Corner Computer Desk by tshirtabout.me

When it comes to a corner computer desk, it’s all about functionality and saving more space in your home office. Although having a corner desk doesn’t offer you much of a view, it’s really helping you to stay focused on your task.

Having a black desk like the picture above adds luxury feel and will never go out of style. A black corner computer desk will blend perfectly with the other colors of your furniture within the room. A good explanation of minimalist computer desk from Ana White that you can follow here.

8. DIY Metal Computer Desk

DIY Metal Computer Desk by seatnsleep.com

Give your home office space a sleek and modern look with the use of metal desks. There are so many styles you can choose with metal computer desk. Metal computer desks often combine with a solid wood top to create industrial-chic style. I suggest that you can go with warm color, it will bring your home office a contemporary touch. a computer desk with metal elements brings boldness into any home office.

9. DIY Wall Mounted Computer Desk

DIY Wall Mounted Computer Desk by avenhampark.org

One thing for sure about wall mounted computer desk is you want to keep it simple. In my opinion, this type of desk is much easier to build than any other type of desks that I mentioned here. A wall mounted computer desk really works for super small space. If budget is your biggest consideration then you might want to get creative with a DIY plan.You can check the free plan about how to build a wall mounted desk here.

10. DIY Oak Computer Desk

DIY Oak Computer Desk by jchansdesigns.com

An oak computer desk offers you classic and natural look. There are so many factors that solid oak furniture has become popular for its strength and durability. An oak furniture will get darker as it ages, surely it makes your home office look nice. Oak computer desk is resistant to water and also easy to take care of. So many options for you to get creative and create oak desk in various styles. No need to worry about mix & match your home office furniture color with an oak computer desk. With all of its advantages, there’s no doubt that an oak computer desk should be your consideration when you do a DIY project.

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